2-1/2 Year Class
max. 10 children
2 teachers

Our class loves learning about the world around us from seasons and holidays to how plants and animals grow.  Counting to three, answering questions, experimenting with art media, running and jumping, learning classroom routines, and helping clean up are just a few skills covered in
our classroom.

3 Year Class
max. 14 children
2 teachers


Our three-year-olds stay busy learning poems, recognizing numbers and patterns, playing with sand, building with blocks, moving to music, cutting and gluing, and so much more.  Themes studied throughout the year include transportation, dental health, safety, seasons, and much more.  Our three-year-old class stays busy, busy, busy!

4 Year Class
max. 14 children 
2 teachers


Getting ready for Kindergarten is what our four-year-class is all about.  Recognizing coins, measuring when cooking, learning alphabet letters and sounds, along with lots of art, building and moving, fill up the schedule in this class.  The children love to learn about holidays, weather, and how things grow.

Something Extra!


Our students participate in weekly resource classes that include:  music class, library time and Chapel. 


We may visit various places within our community on field trips.  Each parent is required to provide transportation for his child to and from field trips.   

Parent Communication 


Communication with families is important at First Baptist Preschool. Please feel free to send notes, leave voice messages at 930-0911 X222, or email at  The teacher will get back with you as soon as possible at the end of the school day.  Verbal messages from the children cannot be accepted by the teacher.  

Training & Affiliations

Our staff regularly receive high-quality training

and resources from 

organizations such as

  • Virginia Department of Social Services

  • Childcare Aware of Virginia

  • Smart Beginnings - Virginia Quality

  • Virginia Infant & Toddler Specialist Network

Mission Statement

The First Baptist Preschool, LLC, with the approval and support of the First Baptist Church, is charged with providing an on-going program of weekday education for two, three and four-year-old children.  This education is to conducted in a Christian atmosphere and based upon use of Christian principles in everyday living.